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Do you travel outside of Cape Cod?

Yes! Over 100 miles I require over night accommodations. Please refer to my form to put your exact location and I can give you a better price estimate. 

Is there a travel fee?

I have a flat fee for all bridal and events. Once you fill out a form I can give you a price estimate of that fee. 

Where do I come for the hair trial?

I have all my brides come into the salon I work at in Falmouth, MA. 

Do you have a minimum and limit for how many people you can do? 

I have a minimum of 3 people and a limit of 10 for myself. If the party is over 10 then I hire another stylist to help for the day. 

How long does one style take?

For the Bride, I book off 1 hr to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. 
Bridal party styles take around 30-45min so I book off 45min to make sure we run on time no matter what. 

Can my bridal party get ready at the salon?

Unfortunately, not at this time. 

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